Kiddie pools reviews & comparisons

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to take their children for swimming.

On one side, the adults are just too busy to fulfill the demand of their children all time but on the other side, children are also correct for not being taken for swimming.


Summer Escapes inflatable pool

Families who swim together will definitely need bigger, sturdier, and deeper pools. Thankfully, there is a better and fancier option than the below ground pools. The large inflatainflat summer escapes poolble Summer Escapes is as good as the below ground one.

This pool suits kids aged seven years and above. They are stronger and sturdier, and whether your kids know how to swim or not, they can handle the depths of the pool. Also, should your daughter or son request for a pool party, the Summer Escapes makes an excellent substitute for a below ground pool.

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The Design, Material, and Safety

Parents will not need to worry about it cracking or breaking from rough play as the sidewalls have been laminated well with an incredibly tough PVC. You don’t need to worry about the cleanness of the water when everyone starts dipping as water sanitation is taken care by the easy-to-install GFCI filter pump. The metal frame measures 15 inches by 36 inches and holds up a triple-layer PVC shells that has polyester which acts as the inner mesh for the sidewalls. There is a laminated band to add support to its walls. The appearance of Summer Escapes pool resembles that of Intex metal frame pools.

This pool kit comes with a pump/filter/skimmer system, pool cover, ground cloth, ladder, and various maintenance supplies.

The ladder makes getting in and out of the pool easier and safer for kids and also its depth is ideal for kids who are over seven years and above.


The pool measure 15 X 36 inches.

The Pros of this inflatable pool

This product has low maintenance requirements, and it’s easy to set up. Although many people fear that setting up this pool takes a lot of time because of its size, the setting up process is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes. You’ll only need to spread the ground cloth and attach all the other items, then inflate the top ring.

Another advantage of the Summer Escapes pool is its durability. As compared to most inflatable pools, this pool is designed to last for months. As long as the GFCI filter pump is working, the water you put in once will remain clean for weeks or months.

The Downside of the child pool

One of the downsides of this pool is that it can be difficult to add a skimmer or even change a hose once you set it up. Therefore, ensure that the ground you are setting it on is level so that water doesn’t fill unevenly which can put stress on the pool liner.

The Verdict

Overall, the pool is worth its price ad it wouldn’t do so much harm to your budget even if it lasted for a couple of months. You’ll have lots of fun in this Summer Escapes pool.



Hard plastic kid pool-Intex Easy Set-1

Intex Pool Set hard plastic pool

Big hard plastic kid pools come at big prices. Not only this makes it unaffordable for average parents but the big companies fail to keep good on their promises.

So, we decided to go ahead and do all the research for our readers. And after a thorough analysis of the market, Intex Pool Set seemed the most reasonable & cost effective.

With a proper place to put it, this baby pool can be the center of attraction of your house. Not only your kids will be able to swim whenever they wish, they can bring their friends and cousins to amplify the fun.

As for the setup, this product comes with a DVD that explains how to assemble this pool within minutes.

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Kids inflatable pool-swimline Shock Rocker


A relatively new style of baby pool in comparison to other kids inflatable pools, this is a safe bet for parents whose toddlers are very young. Children of 3 years and up regardless of a boy or a girl, are perfect for this pool. So, this is where originally the concept of portable pools came into place. Pools like this come not just at an affordable price, but it meets all the needs of the parents and children.

Each sits has an oversized headrest that ensures the safety of your kid’s head. It is made up of durable heavy gauge vinyl. This allows the pool to handle weight up to 650 pounds.

The full specification of the pool is 15 x 42 inches. This is enough for more than 4 kids to play at a time.

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Best baby pools list

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Intex Metal Frame hard plastic poolcheck pricecheck review



Intex Swim Center Ocean Reef Plastic baby pool

With this thing, you can rest in the comfort of your home, backyard, garden or even terrace while your kids are busy playing there. This way you can relax (literally) while keeping your kids in front of your eyes.

Ideally, anyone above the age of 6 years can jump in this pool. Your children can have a bath outdoors and you can keep a watchful eye on them.

It comes in fun ocean theme and light colors that increase the vibe of the house and makes your backyard look lively even in the dry sultry weather.

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Splash & Play 3D Adventure inflatable baby pool

For any kid, this fancy and small inflatable pool is a dream come true. It comes two pairs of 3D goggles to view the 3D special effects inside the pool.

best baby poolWho Is It For?

Throw several pool floats, and the Splash & Play 3D adventure will become the ultimate playground for every kid aged over five years. Despite being kids’ swimming pool, it can carry up to 425 gallons of water when 80% full. It will suit all middle aged kids irrespective of whether they have taken the swimming lessons or not.

Design, Material, and Safety

The Splash & Play plastic pool has an orange, rounded shape and is quick and easy to set up. It has been made from polyester and hard wearing PVC. The side walls and the bottom have imagery that runs around the perimeter to add deep sea antics and fun to kids who are wearing the 3D goggles.

The flow control drain valve ensures easy draining. The pool depth is ideal for kids aged 5-15 years which adds to the safety of the kids.

Weight and dimension

The pool measures 84 x 84 x 26 inches and weighs 11 pounds.

The Pros of this kiddie pool

This inflated pool has been made from a durable PVC and thus will give you much fun for a longer period.

Your kids will enjoy the 3D imagery, and the 3D goggles add to the sea fun experience.

The Cons of this pool for kids

The pump of this pool can get blocked easily if not properly installed, but you can sump pump using a garden hose if it fails to work.

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 Bestway hard plastic Splash-in-Shade pool

The Splash-in-Shade Play kiddie hard plastic pool is a fantastic pool that you can spend those hot days. The round, steel-frame pool that measures eleven by seven by thirty-six inches.

The Splash-in-Shade Play Pool is designed for the whole family including the small kids aged three years.hard plastic Splash-in-Shade pool

Design, Material, and Safety

The Splash-in-Shade Play is round and comes with its own shade to protect your kids from the scorching sun. A water sprayer fitted on the top of the shade keep the pool super cool.

The hard kiddie pool has been made with strong and galvanized metal frames that are rust-resistant as well as Polyester and heavy duty PVC side walls for extra safety. The pool is sturdy and will give you hours of entertainment for your family.

Dimensions and Weight

The Splash-in-Shade Play measures 11 X 7 X 36 inches and weighs 29.5 pounds.

The Pros of Splash-In-Shade Play

The sturdy nature of this pool makes it durable and long lasting. It gives you many hours of entertainment and much fun.

The UV resistant shade protects you and your kids from the scorching sun rays.

The Cons of Splash-In-Shade Play

The Splash-in-Shade Play is not much spacious and can only accommodate a small family.

Also, it is shallow and therefore not much fun for the middle aged kids who may like to play with deeper water.

The Verdict

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Splash-in-Shade Play; it is durable, fancy and fun to spend the hot days in it. It is easy to assemble and offers longevity.


When setting these inflated swimming pools, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also remember to set them on a leveled ground.


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